Mitch Mitchell
"Distance Arc" at the Galerie Sans Nom
This is a short video of a recent print based sculpture titled "Distance Arc" at the Galerie Sans Nom in Moncton, NB, Canada. It is the second sculptural print-work in a series of four related to the four elements, AIR, as paired with industrial objects, tools and machinery utilized in the manipulation of contemporary landscape. The first piece, EARTH, is the work "The World is Flat".
OPT 2012 Triennial
It is a great honour to have been awarded the Grand Prize at the 2012 OPT Print Triennial. The award comes with a solo show during the nest OPT Triennial in 2015 at the Kelowna Art Gallery in Kelowna, British Columbia.
SPOROBOLE Centre en Art Actuel
In June of 2012 I will be presenting a new Print-based installation titled "BERTH" at the SPOROBOLE Centre en Art Actuel in Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada. They have graciously given me the space to create something that will test not only my production limitations but also the wear and tear on a Vandercook Press. I hope to see everybody there next summer.
Centre d'artistes Vaste et Vague
This upcoming December I have been asked to present a new installation piece titled "MILK" at the Centre d'artistes Vaste et Vague in Carlton, Quebec, Canada. It is an honour as the space is quite beautiful and will be quite the challenge to work with.
Klondike Institute of Art & Culture
I am presenting a new body print works at the Klondike Institute of Art & Culture's ODD Gallery this upcoming September to October. The show titled "Walk the Dust" will present a new series of surreal/sublime large scale mixed media photo print works based off my travels through territories and landscapes under constant manufacture and stress.
"Cities of the Prairie" at Presse Papier
I am proud to be bringing the "Cities of the Prairie" gravure portfolio suite to Presse Papier in Trois-Rivières, Québec, Canada in June of this year. The city of Trois-Rivières is a beautiful city with a warm arts community and I am happy to be returning to visit and show this body of work.

"The World is Flat"
I will be presenting a new print-based installation at Engramme in Quebec, QC, Canada this upcoming April-June. The opening of the show titled "The World is Flat" is April 29th.
Boston Printmakers 2011 Print Biennial
I was shocked and humbled by the announcement that Jim Dine, curator of the BOSTON PRINTMAKERS: NORTH AMERICAN PRINT BIENNIAL 2011, has chosen my work, "Midnight's Well of Giants", as the print to receive the The Otis Philbrick Memorial Prize. I will be accepting the award at the Danforth Museum of Art in Framingham, MA in late February.
Museum of Fine Art, Boston
The Museum of Fine Art, Boston has recently acquired two works for there permanent collection "Cities of the Prairie" and "Midnight's Well of Giants". I look forward to signing the official paperwork and being part of there wonderful collection.
Below is a PDF link the Society of Northern Alberta Print Artists Newsletter.
This is a recent write-up by April Dean in regards to a recent solo show in Colorado for PBS. The link is:
Malaspina Printmakers
I am presenting two new large scale print works at Malaspina Printmakers on Granville Island in Vancouver, BC in November of this year. The show is a two person show with Jenn Jackson, a Vancouver print artist, and is curated by Andrea Pinheiro.
Red Delicious Press
Please visit and go see the gallery in Colorado for my solo show presenting a new suite of photogravures titled "Dust Emerges Black".
New York
I have been chosen to present my work during 2010 New York Print in Chelsea New York City in November. I look forward to this event and hope to be present during the extravaganza.
New Research in Non-Toxic Printmaking
Currently I am researching new printmaking techniques utilizing progressive industry printing platforms (UV flatbed printers, lightjet technology and other non-toxic materials) in the hopes of cross platforming traditional anologue techniques with cutting edge non-toxic advancements. I have recently perfected the non-toxic approach of the photopolymer gravure process, both b/w and cmyk printing, with a digital negative/positive imaging system which can be utilized in contact printing and enlargements of various alternative photographic techniques. My research is now focused on advancing the photogravure process past the traditional method of gelatin tissue and technology to the UV print platform while still staying true to the copper plate. By doing this the artist and student will no longer be limited to the size of image based on the previous gelatin tissue method but instead can explore a fuller and more vibrant 4'x8' copper gravure image.

New Article See Magazine
There is a new article in See Magazine by Amanda Priebe regarding my recent show "The Longing Focal". The link is:
New Article
I have a new article in the Vue Weekly by Amy Fung, author of Prairie on my recent show "The Longing Focal". The address is:
Platemaker Store

As of today the Platemaker Store has opened for business. In this section you will find a small array of items specifically designed by myself and currently used in my own studio practice to make my life easier and get the best results possible.

Interview/Review in VUEWEEKLY
I was recently interviewed and had a review for the Tar Plane Wayfarer show in the VUEWEEKLY arts magazine. You can find the article here at this link: